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PANSEE recruits and places qualified healthcare professionals in the global market, specifying in three key regions: UK, USA, and the Middle East. We have a strong base of clients in representative countries around the world. Whether you are looking to develop your career for a short-term period or expecting to make permanent changes in your life, we will be your trustworthy representative and make sure that the journey in starting a new chapter of your life is stress-free.


English training


English, as a foreign language to most Koreans, comes as a big barrier to people who wish to work in the United States. Koreans have extensive skills and knowledge in their field, but when it comes to speaking English, it may prove to be a challenge as a second language. Therefore, PANSEE helps its candidates improve their English by providing selected English training courses. PANSEE also has various partnerships with English language academies, so the candidates can make the most of the PANSEE experience. 

Interview training


In addition to PANSEE's English training, PANSEE provides interview training. Candidates need to have interviews with staffing agencies and hospitals in order to attain visa sponsorship and secure employment. Interviews are always a demanding experience even for native English speakers. With PANSEE's help, candidates can learn to best express themselves and demonstrate their knowledge. 

Cultural service


Although people understand that there are cultural differences in foreign countries, they can still face situations where misunderstanding occurs. PANSEE offers cultural training and tips in adapting to such cultural differences so as to minimize these misunderstandings.






For the United States of America, we are recruiting registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and medical lab scientists.

The available visa types are as follows:


Registered nurses: EB3 

  • US RN license holder

  • minimum experience of 1 year

  • passed English exam requirement


Physical therapists, occupational therapists: EB2 or EB3

  • US PT or OT license holder

  • minimum experience of 3 year

  • passed English exam requirement

Medical lab scientist: EB3

  • passed ASCPi exam

  • minimum experience of 2 year

  • passed English exam requirement

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