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PANSEE LTD is a recruitment placement specialist providing qualified international healthcare professionals including nurses, midwives, physical therapists, medical technicians, and others to our clients all over the world. PANSEE consultants attract, manage and recruit candidates through a rigorous screening process to match the client's needs.

Why choose PANSEE?




Professional Agency for the Nonstop Service of Employment and Education 





To match the needs of the finest healthcare facilities with the talent of international healthcare professionals, PANSEE is staffed with qualified experts with years of experience in the healthcare recruitment industry. Our team is always dedicated in providing our clients with customized service and our candidates with our expertise and experience.



Healthcare staffing shortage is a significant problem in the United States and the United Kingdom. PANSEE will provide a solution to this problem by becoming the bridge between qualified healthcare professionals and the facilities in need. As a mediator and representative of our clients and candidates, we will make sure that the demands of both sides are fully met to create the best results. At PANSEE, our goal is to create mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships between our exceptional candidates and our renowned clients.



PANSEE provides our candidates with nonstop service from the moment they approach us to the moment they are completely settled at the facility best suited for them. Wherever they are and whenever they want, our devoted team will be there to help our candidates for every obstacle encountered along the path to their successful employment.



For our healthcare professionals seeking jobs, PANSEE will guide our candidates through the arduous employment process from start to finish. For our client healthcare providers, our team will offer a level of excellence that surpasses their highest expectations. 



Employment in another country is not an easy choice to make. The employment and immigration process will be facilitated for our candidates by PANSEE. We will cater to the requirements and desires of each individual candidate based on our extensive client base, not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom and the Middle East.



To make sure our candidates can fully bring out their potential at our client facilities, we have developed an unparalleled training program. As much as we are devoted in making our candidates' transition as smooth as possible, our training program further seeks to hone their language skills and reduce the cultural barriers in the globalizing market.

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